A Quick Plea to the Romney Campaign

God love you guys, but:


The Republican headquarters in eastern Prince William – a heavily populated “swing” county, oh by the way – has a mile-long waiting list for yard signs, and the situation is the same at Prince William West and in Arlington.

I know you’re occupied with many more important matters – like identifying your voters, getting a big turn-out, and preventing left-wing voter intimidation and voter fraud – but people also want to publicly express their support, and they don’t look too happy when we have to repeatedly turn them away. So yeah:

3 thoughts on “A Quick Plea to the Romney Campaign

  1. I think the polls make the mistake of mostly drawing urban voters and then squaring the demographics with 2008 expectations, rather than a neutral figure like what turned out to vote in 2000.

    Rasmussen has VA a dead heat…and that might even be optimistic for Obama.


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