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For all you neofeminists out there who demonize stay-at-home moms…maybe you should try listening to ALL of your fellow ladies in the sisterhood…

Most Women Want to be Mom

83% are saying “man…this working for a living thing SUCKS…can I be a stay-at-home Mom and revel in the joyful life of raising children?”  There’s a SHOCKER. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Repost from Althouse

  1. I know a lot of women (including yours truly) who would like to stay at home and be employed in a home-based business. And you know what would help them with that? An economic environment conducive to entrepreneurship.


  2. I think you should run a home schooling ring. Those are all the rage now amongst home-schoolers and you are popular with parents of the kids you tutor…no reason to think you couldn't run a home-schooling ring like Wheat.


  3. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking: a Catholic home-schooling ring that offers a classical liberal arts curriculum, a strong STEM curriculum, a faithful religious education program, a career exploration program (that, oh by the way, will not exclude the trades), extra-curricular activities for the participating families, and support for parents for the high school subjects in particular. (For example, if some parents are flummoxed when it comes to teaching advanced math, they can use an expert in the ring as a “math hub.”)

    As you can tell, I'm already mentally drawing out the plans. LOL!


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