The media is treating this election the same way they treat any election that they might lose.  They are screaming at the top of their lungs that THERE IS NO CHANCE THEIR GUY WILL LOSE!!! while plugging their ears and whistling Dixie.

May I humbly suggest that Republicans and grassroots Conservatives do the same?  Please stop listening to the media.  The media lies.  You know how you can tell that the media is lying?  The camera’s rolling.  You know how you can tell that the media polls are cooked – I mean other than having a functional brain that understands math and logic?  LOOK AT THE EARLY VOTER TURNOUT.
Early Voting Returns by State (note the demographic data coming in from North Carolina)
Romney is not losing.  At WORST, this election is currently tied.  The polls are crap – I trust only one agency – Rasmussen – and the rest can suck it.  No fear, no surrender, no retreat, no quitters, and no apologies – we are going to win this election. I would bet very good money that we are.  And when that day comes, I hope Conservatives wake up and realize that the media can only elect a candidate if they choose to allow that to happen.

2 thoughts on “Earplugs

  1. Yes…yes I am. I have a friend now out of the department who just finished his masters at SBU…he is conservative, but he never stops saying things like “it's Obama fever all over again!” or “Americans are all uninformed…they're just gonna vote for Obama because he's cool” and “I'm takig the skeptical side on this one…I just don't think you can beat the media…” that sort of thing, no matter what I show him.


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