We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Earplug

Get ready.

After Mitt Romney utterly and completely humiliated Obama in real debate (thanks in part to Jim Lehrer’s inability to become part of the action – you get a weak moderator, and the debate will focus on the candidates, which is why so many conservatives would like to avoid moderators altogether and let the candidates do a Lincoln/Douglas debate or something similar), the media collectively wet itself in fear and anger.  The cries and lamentations of these girly-men were like sweet…sweet music last night.

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.  It smells like…victory!

But get ready…because, with their candidate demolished among leaners and undecided voters, the left-stream media will now UNLOAD on Romney.  The next dozen media polls will all have D+12 polling advantages, they’ll remind us ten times over that debates don’t matter (the reality is, debates matter only when one side is annihilated or behaves uncivilly – Obama did both).  They’ll chide Romney for pledging to cut Federal funding for PBS.  They’ll attack Romney’s tax plan with the same bad statistics Obama used (5 trillion in cuts is only true if you assume that Romney’s economy grows at the same anemic rate that Obama’s economy has and assume he makes no headway on cutting out loopholes, just as 2 trillion in new military spending is only true if you assume that Romney’s promise not to CUT military spending is tantamount to adding spending the way that Rachel Maddow evidently does).  They’ll bury Fast and Furious and Obama’s hate speech in Virginia and You Didn’t Build That! under a mountain of anti-Romney claptrap.  If they have to, they’ll tweak video and audio the way that MSLSD did to a Romney rally in Ohio last week to make Romney look eeeeevil.

And if you fall for their crap, you are a bigger idiot than Obama.


3 thoughts on “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Earplug

  1. As you know, I work in the evenings, so I didn't get to see the debate. Based on the reports I'm seeing, though, I think I should watch Mom's DVR recording as soon as possible. Did Romney actually say that we could've hired millions more teachers with the billions wasted on Solyndra? If he did, he is my new fake celebrity boyfriend.


  2. Also: Instead of going to bed, I should've stayed up and watched Minitrue (i.e., the mainstream media) go to pieces over the collapse of their empty suit. The schadenfreude would've been EPIC.


  3. LOL!

    Yes…he said Obama spent 90 billion dollars on green energy and with that money, he could have hired 2 million teachers.

    That was a flame-broiled knuckle sandwich…that was a headshot…that was EPIC.

    The best part for me was the look on Obama's face during Romney's closing argument – he was just smirking like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.


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