Brief debate commentary:

Point for point, I would call this debate a tie in terms of the likely impact on the electorate. The points, minus the tone and the optics, would play to a swing voter without a ton of excess knowledge as muddled – Ryan missed some opportunities to hammer Obama/Biden and Biden resorted a number of times to some campaign slogans that have already proven ineffective, but neither was worse than the other from a tactical perspective.  Ryan seemed a bit uncomfortable on foreign policy…he knew enough specifics to convince us that he can hold his own here, but he didn’t seem to prefer to talk much about the specifics of what the Romney admin will do to keep Iran at bay or get control in Syria and Egypt.  But Ryan easily clocked Biden on tax reform and to a lesser extent won on entitlements.


Biden behaved like a complete and total asshole all night long.  Totally classless, disrespectful and insulting, his constant smiles, the condescending rhetoric, the laughter, the interruptions and the near refusal to shake Ryan’s hand at the end….it was just brutal.  And I don’t think the American people are going to miss that.  Undecided voters and moderates are going to think Biden was a crotchety, rude old geezer…a completely unpalatable man.  Just awful.

I think this will have a minor positive impact for ROMNEY…and that Obama’s people will not understand why.


One thought on “Brief debate commentary:

  1. It doesn't surprise me that Biden acted like an asshole tonight. In the MSNBC bubble, everyone is convinced that Obama lost the first debate because he wasn't aggressive enough and didn't hammer Romney on all the stupid crap the press corps thinks is oh-so-important. Alas for them, Obama actually lost the debate because he has nothing of real substance to offer.


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