Obama’s Base: People Who REALLY Hate You (Even Though They Don’t Know You)

I have never been a woman of the left. Even before Obama, I believed the Democrat Party platform was misguided. But here’s the thing: We could have actual adult conversations with most Democrats ante-2008. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall any other presidential election year in my (admittedly short) conscious lifetime in which a Democratic candidate openly embraced his inner asshole at a debate and was cheered on by his supporters.

Yes, yes, I know — we have to keep all this in perspective. The sport that is democracy has always been vicious and bloody:

But the outright contempt Obama’s Democrats have displayed for the values of ordinary Americans is like nothing I’ve ever seen before — and people who are substantially older than I agree.

In case you’ve just tuned in: Biden tried to bulldoze Paul Ryan last night with the whole King Jerk Smirky Malarkey McSmirk routine, and Obama’s biggest fans thought that was just great. I, on the other hand, am now 200% convinced that these despicable leftists should never be allowed to hold elective office ever, EVER again. Indeed, I urge all decent liberals – and I still believe you exist – to clamor for a massive intra-party purge. Obama’s foot soldiers are fouling your nest.

Biden’s performance last night fits into a larger pattern. Scratch a member of Obama’s base and you’ll find someone who hates you — at least if you’re a regular American Joe. Oh, he’ll talk a good game about how much he just loves the middle class – or how much he loves women – but he’s always – ALWAYS – lying through his left-liberal teeth. How do I know? Well, I judge people by their actions, not their words.

Many small business owners were insulted by Obama’s speech in Roanoke, VA. And many of these same small business owners expressed their outrage publicly. Take this gentleman, for instance:

What was the typical Obama Democrat’s response? Well, in addition to whining that Obama was “misunderstood” (oh, spare me — you can’t claim that Obama is a brilliant orator and then complain constantly that nobody gets what he’s saying), the typical Obama Democrat also attacked Mr. Gaster as “arrogant” and mocked him in a popular leftwing Facebook meme. Newsflash, liberals: Gaster is not a plutocrat. He is a member of that middle class you supposedly adore.

And as for this whole mythological claim that Obama’s Democrats are looking out for women? Pure. Bullshit. Apologies for the vulgarity, but it’s the truth. Leaving aside the tremendous damage the contraceptive mentality and the culture of death have wrought for women in particular, a campaign that truly respects us would not insult our intelligence by urging us to vote “like your ladyparts depend on it.” Screw you. I am not a giant vagina, and I cannot be bought with promises of “free reproductive health care.” For one thing, your stated desire to care for our aforementioned ladyparts is completely phony. There are other ways to deliver well-woman care to the underprivileged besides funneling our taxes into America’s largest abortion business (which, contra Planned Parenthood’s ridiculous lies, doesn’t offer comprehensive services to women), and if you were sincerely interested in protecting the reproductive health of poor women, you would start looking into those other options. No — what you really care about is the radical pro-abortion agenda. Point number two: We women are multi-dimensional human beings who care about many issues. Like men, we’re worried about our slow economic growth, our vulnerabilities in the Middle East, the breakdown of our civil society, the climbing national debt, crippling gas prices (especially in California), rising food prices, etc., etc. And I’m sorry, but only a campaign that assumes we’re all gullible idiots would believe we’d throw these other pressing problems aside for some free birth control pills.

These people clearly think that they can yell at us, bully us, pander to us, and feed us a steady diet of outright falsehoods and not be run out of town on a metaphorical rail — which speaks to their not-so-hidden conviction that they are America’s intellectual and moral vanguard and the rest of us are all imbeciles who will swallow anything. Let’s prove these oikophobes wrong in November.

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