Incandescent Rage

The proper emotion you should be feeling after you watch this Obama ad – at least after you’ve gone through all the stages I went through:

  • Creeped out (OMG, this girl is both incredibly young – almost infantile looking! – AND incredibly grungy – like a biker chick!!)
  • Not gonna do it…not gonna happen…would not be prudent at this juncture… (barely holding back the chunks rising in my throat at the idea that voting for Obama is like having sex for the first time)
  • Creeped out again (is this really a 26 year old television producer?  she looks like a high school freshman!  In Appalachia!)
  • Insane laughter (am I really watching this???)
  • Depression (wow…will the college girls around the country actually like this ad?)
  • Glee (this is going to KILL Obama with married women even more than he’s already dead)
Ending with…incandescent rage…for the Democrats having the unmitigated gall to claim that REPUBLICANS are prosecuting a war on women.  There are no words to describe just how infuriating I find this.

3 thoughts on “Incandescent Rage

  1. But THIS reaches a whole new level of shamefulness. It mocks virgins indirectly by talking about first time voters (with the sexual context) in a disparaging way…it turns Obama into a f***ing GIGOLO!…with a harem of unthinking ladies hot for his…um…policies…and says it's all about who has a “beautiful…” (and then she plays with her MIDDLE FINGER as though it were a PENIS!!!)

    GOOD LORD…this was accepted by Obama's people????


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