Incompetent Leadership in NYC Worsens Gas Shortage

Oh so many things have gone wrong since I left for a trip to see my fiance in MA…and many of those things are at least in some way the responsibility of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg or NY State Governor Cuomo.  While NJ Governor Chris Christie takes steps necessary to expedite the recovery of his state from the impacts of Superstorm Sandy, including, but not limited to:

  • Prior to the storm telling all coastal residents to leave whether evacuations were hoisted or not and stay out of the way
  • Authorizing the use of military assets in affected coastal communities (National Guard, Navy Reserve, Air Force, and even Marines) to deliver needed food, fuel and security to offset the loming fear of riots and violence in long gas lines – in a sense, a soft martial law where needed
  • Directing the state legislature to pass a bill authorizing additional state spending while the Feds gets the act together (IOW, spend some money now and go into debt expecting you’ll get it back when FEMA finally moves money around)
  • Setting a curfew and instructing gas providers to exclude anyone with more than half a tank of gas from obtaining gas
  • Giving priority to public transit for fuel resupply efforts
Cuomo and Bloomberg have illustrated a SPECTACULAR ineptitude and a dismal lack of respect for the power of nature, including such highlights as:
  • Prior to the storm insisting that New Yorkers send their kids to school and report for work on Monday
  • Waiting until LATE SUNDAY the 28th to issue limited evacuations – evacuations that proved entirely insufficient when the storm hit and flooded areas well inland of the restricted zones, leaving many New Yorkers with not enough time to adequately prepare before leaving.
  • Telling New Yorkers not to open their doors no matter what the circumstances (supposedly because he feared looters) – resulting in the negligent homicide of two small children in the Bronx who were, with their mother, repeatedly denied entry into homes, though the waters were rising and they had nowhere to run
  • Failing to move NYC rescue/utility/service assets out of harms way, losing some trucks and other equipment to the tide
  • Insisting, while middle class New Yorkers were eating rotting food out of dumpsters in Staten Island that the NYC Marathon should continue as scheduled until shortly before and cancelling it so late that many of the participants wound up stranded at airports anyway
  • Failing to authorize the use of military assets to bolster security (with the predictable consequence that the city, in many areas, no resembles hell on Earth)
  • diverting emergency refueling supplies for days because they couldn’t get vital infrastructure cleared for travel (not focusing on the right areas when first attacking the wreckage)
Pragmatists know what to do in the face of disaster…liberals do not.
Please vote for pragmatists.  That is all.

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