Demographics Should Not Determine Our Destiny

The left is absolutely certain that the changing “color” of our electorate will assure a permanent majority for them — and at the moment, many conservatives are jumping onto that bandwagon in the wake of Romney’s catastrophic loss. But personally, I think this is all BS; actually, come to think of it, I find it vaguely racist. The fact that 90%+ of the African American electorate and 70%+ of the Hispanic and Asian electorate supported Barack Obama does not indicate some inborn genetic propensity to vote Democrat. What it indicates is the following dangerous political reality: The Democrats engage minority voters, and the Republicans are still, for the most part, avoiding them.

If the world were a just place, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians would be in our column. The ground swell of support for school choice, for example, indicates that African Americans and Hispanics have sincere aspirations for success in the traditional American mold. There are also currents of social conservatism in both populations that can and should be tapped. And as for Asians? Quite frankly, the fact that the Asian electorate supported Obama boggles my mind. After years of working with Asian entrepreneurs and Asian students, I can absolutely confirm that they believe in the American Dream and are practically killing themselves to achieve it. (My Asian boss, for example, is working at least 80 hours a week running two different businesses.)

We conservatives, sadly, continue to fall down on the job when it comes to reaching out to minority groups. We do have something to offer them, and it has nothing to do with growing government or handing out freebies. What we have is a philosophy of governance that, if put into practice, will lift all boats. Being a permanent client of the state – i.e., what the left ultimately wants for minorities, women, etc. – is deeply, deeply dehumanizing. On the other hand, getting a world-class education and an opportunity to, say, start your own hair braiding business without government regulators breathing down your neck is empowering. Unfortunately, the Democrats are playing a steady drumbeat – “The Republicans are racist! The Republicans are racist!” – and the response on the Republican side, as far as the average minority voter is concerned, is a damning silence. I’m not trying to downplay the valiant efforts of folks like Alfonzo Rachel or Star Parker, but at the moment, that’s still not enough. We need to be bolder. We need to push back with greater force. I said the other day that my Facebook acquaintances – who are part of the white creative class, by and large – are unteachable. But that is not true of people in general. We need to devote more of our resources to countering the “narrative.”

3 thoughts on “Demographics Should Not Determine Our Destiny

  1. Agreed that conservatives have a message to sell to all people…the problem we have is getting all people to be even willing to listen. There's an entire generation of kids out there (two now, actually) that think the republicans ran jim crow and the democrats ran the civil rights movement for the sole reason that, in 1964, Barry Goldwater nearly destroyed the GOP by resisting the civil rights act due to constitutional complaints, rather than on principle, while LBJ supported the CRA due to political expedience despite his documented history of racism and pro-segregation policy.


  2. Steph,

    My only comment is that it wasn't a catastrophic loss. It was a close loss, although the outcome may be catastrophic for our country. But I agree that we can make a very good case that the democrats are bad for hispanics, blacks, women.


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