Coming Soon – A New Conservative Charter

A friend of mine has recently decided that he’d like to have some impact on the thought process within the GOP and especially the tea parties, because, as he has said numerous times, ours is the “stupid party” in that they seem completely inept at forming a strategy that appeals to anyone but white married people and entrepreneurs (which we have just demonstrated cannot consistently win elections), and thus, our best hope is to organize and re-brand the tea party under a new heading.

Whittle’s Common Sense Party concept makes sense – it hearkens back to the revolutionary pamphlet that persuaded the American populace to side with independence from Great Britain, while at the same time taking the public relationships high road – we are the people of common sense.  We are the ones who can look reality in the face and tackle it while others flea into an imaginary world of bottomless government spending and top down solutions.  Most independent voters like to think of themselves as rational.  We will therefore spend our time arguing that the other side is completely and totally irrational and that our side deals only in reason.

My friend has inspired me to attempt to draft a new Common Sense charter.  I’ll post a first draft here in the coming days and I’ll be open to suggestions for amendments and clarifications…but I would like to make an effort to spread the word once we have something we can use…I intend to forward it along to every major conservative network, newspaper and blog I can reach and see how many of them are interested.  I intend to go to tea party websites and pass it along there as well.  And I am hoping that it will evolve like a snowball rolling down a ski slope.

So stay tuned for the draft…I’m working on it.

One thought on “Coming Soon – A New Conservative Charter

  1. The number one thing I think we need to do is emphasize our support for domestic energy production. What the average person cares about is whether he will be able to support his family. Through no fault of his own, he doesn't really grok sophisticated arguments about the Laffer curve, even if those arguments happen to be right. He might, however, understand all the new shale-related jobs that would spring up if we could just tell the radical environmentalists to pound sand. North Dakota should be a lodestone.

    Number two, while it may seem like a dirty tactic, we need to throw the class warfare rhetoric back in our opponents' faces. I live in Northern Virginia, so I know first hand how many government bureaucrats are getting rich off the fruits of our labor. We could call this the Hunger Games argument — the capital is robbing and exploiting the rest of us, and the left is all to happy to enable the theft.

    Just some thoughts…


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