The Common Sense Charter – Draft #1 – Declaration of principles

I’m open to ideas on how to improve this…I’ve posted it in three parts for your consideration.  In all cases, try to remember that I’m looking for a compromise we can live with that is basically true to conservative principles and that has a prayer of convincing anyone beyond the GOP base for backing.

Common Sense Charter:
Renewing the Spirit of Pragmatism and Cooperation in Our Republic

Declaration of Principles

            We, the American people, in an effort to restore a closer connection between our elected officials and their constituents, do hereby affirm the following guiding principles:
  • ·        We reaffirm our belief that, while not every detail within our founding documents is necessarily perfect, this nation thrives because at its inception, a set of core beliefs evolved and took the form of a Constitutional Republic.  We hold that our unique system of governance is what has made us great and that it is worth preserving.
  • ·         We believe that our individual liberties must be defended, and that those rights are not granted by governments or leaders among men, but by our very nature.
  • ·         We believe that life is infinitely valuable and that our first duty as a nation is to safeguard life.
  • ·         We believe that civil society (the institutions occupying the space between the people, their large corporations and their government – the family, religious and charitable organizations, and the community) is far better equipped to deal with the problems of everyday life than the government or the private sector, and that the government should not cater to either the market or the public sector, but to civil society.
  • ·         We believe that government serves at the request of the people, and that the people deserve a government that works for them all, not for favored groups or industries.
  • ·         We believe that when a government becomes so large that it consumes nearly 30% of the nation’s net income annually and laws become so numerous and complex that the majority of the electorate is in violation of many of those rules at one time or another – when it is literally impossible to teach the functions of that government to our college students, let alone our children – that government must be simplified and streamlined.
  • ·         Our best research and the experience of human history has shown us that people are only able to maintain close collaborative associations with a relative few others – larger groups become chaotic and unstable.  We therefore affirm that the founders were correct – all politics is, and should be, local.  The Federal government should oversee as little as possible while upholding the rest of our commitments above.
  • ·         And finally, though we aspire to be a role model for the rest of the world, we believe that America has more than just the right – in fact the responsibility – to aggressively defend the interests of its citizens and that this requires a robust and well-funded national defense.

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