Cuomo Tips Their Hand

Anyone who thinks that the far left is ardently pro-birth-control, pro-abortion because they want women to be HEALTHIER…I present to you Andrew Cuomo and his latest proposed legislation on abortion and contraception entitled (laughably) the Reproductive Healthcare Act of NY.

The RHA would, among other things:

  • allow women to have even the riskiest of late-term abortions, right up until the 9th month of pregnancy, including partial birth abortion
  • Allow non-doctors to give abortion services
  • make it legal for teenagers to get an abortion without parental consent
  • require NY State medicaid to cover the cost of abortions and contraception done in NY
  • include language guaranteeing”contraceptive rights” regardless of what the Federal Govt. decides
  • require NY State health insurers to charge a reproductive health fee to all customers, included in their premiums without notification
  • license Planned Parenthood of NY with the authority to decide what constitutes “informed consent” regarding abortion services, rather than using the standard defined by the AMA.

YYYYYYEP!  That sounds like a package of great ideas to insure that female reproductive health is well taken care of in NY.  Create a state-run, taxpayer subsidized, insurance-premium-bloating abortion mill for all manner of invasive, risky and unethical abortions…make sure that lots of teens are having abortions without telling their folks, and oh BTW, have this system administered by a bunch of people who aren’t even MDs, up to and including who decides how much a patient should be told about any given procedure.

That is the real agenda of the left…abortions on demand with the goal of sterilizing, murdering or preventing the births of at-risk people (especially minorities and the disadvantaged in large urban areas).  You’re a fool if you honestly believe otherwise.

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