Winners and Losers: Blizzard of 2013

The winds under-shot expectations in many areas as intense snowfall helped to beat down the air and cut into maximum sustained winds, keeping most regions below high wind warning thresholds, though the blizzard warnings were justified (all of the major airports in Boston and NYC’s weather service county warning areas had peak winds in excess of 30 mph over at least three hours during heavy snow).

But…let’s get to the snow totals!

The storm is not over in Boston – I’ll update those totals when they become final.  But for areas from Long Island / NYC metro and Western CT?MA, the storm is currently winding down with patchy snow showers not expected to drop more than an inch or two more and we do have some fairly recent reports to pass along in this area.

The 24+” club:


Hamden: 40″
Milford: 38″
Clintonville: 37″
East Haddam: 36″
Oxford: 36″
North Branford: 36″
Meridon: 36″
Fairfie3ld: 35″
Wallingford: 35″
New Haven: 34″
Stratfrod: 33″
Guilford: 33″
Waterbury: 32″
Madison: 32″
Wolcott: 31″
Culchester: 31″
Naugituck: 30″
Old Sabrook: 30″
Gilman: 27″
Norwich: 25″
Old Lyme: 24″

Central Long Island:

Medford: 34″
Central Islip: 31″
Upton: 31″
Stony Brook: 30″
East Setauket: 29″
Huntington: 29″
Commack: 29″
St. James: 28″
Islip Airport: 28″
Yaphank: 28″
Smithtown: 27″
Mt. Sinai: 26″
Port Jefferson: 26″
Setauket: 24″
Sound Beach: 24″

Biggest Losers…the South Shore of Long Island and the NYC metro areas got ripped off big time:

Southampton: 13″
Shirley: 10″
Westhampton Beach: 3″
Montawk: ZERO

Central Park: 11″
Upper West Side: 10″

La Guardia Intl Airport: 12″
College Point: 11″
Kew Gardens: 10″
Sheepshead Bay: 9″
Milwood: 8″
Marine Park: 7″
JFK Airport: 6″ (wow!)

You talk about getting ripped off!  Glad I’m out in the bullseye and not closer to the city…I’d be PISSED right now. 🙂

This storm is now the largest snow event I’ve ever seen outside of lake effect.  The even more impressive 101″ of snow in 10 days I observed at Oswego, NY in February 2007 (Feb 05 – Feb 14) will never be beat by a nor’easter, nor will the 48″ falling in one 8-hour period.  But this storm was one for the ages out here on Long Island nonetheless.

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