Drive-By: Standing with Objective Evil

Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? The “Hoes Before Embryos” crowd rallying around supposed “feminist hero” Wendy Davis are standing with objective evil — and they’re scientifically illiterate to boot. The law the Texas legislature is attempting to pass is not talking about embryos — it’s talking about later term fetuses who are mere weeks from the limit of viability (which, FYI, is currently hovering around 24 weeks gestation). It’s talking about fetuses who, as revealed by any modern ultrasound, are obviously distinct human beings — not “parasitical clumps of cells.”

I can imagine why someone would support legal abortion in the first trimester, when the unborn child’s humanity is not quite so evident. I disagree with that position both scientifically and philosophically, but I can understand the fears that would drive someone to it. Fighting for late-term abortion, however, is just sick. Such a view is waaaaay outside the mainstream of American opinion and should be recognized as such.

One thought on “Drive-By: Standing with Objective Evil

  1. On this I absolutely agree. I really have a hard time sympathizing with anyone who waited until month SIX to decide to have an abortion. Getting yourself into a situation like that is bad enough…but waiting six months…and then getting furious when someone doesn't let you take the easy way out and murder your unborn child…is hard to sympathize with.


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