A VERY Instructive Link

Abortion Rules in Europe

I am genuinely impressed to see that Europeans, in many cases, have embraced such common-sense pro-life measures as:

  • Limiting the availability of abortion after the first trimester except in extreme cases — and in those extreme cases, requiring the approval of qualified medical professionals.
  • Requiring that abortions be performed in medical centers that meet strict standards.
  • Requiring waiting periods, counseling, and education regarding alternatives.
  • Requiring parental consent when the patient is under-aged.

My question then becomes: What the heck is wrong with the Wendy Davises of the world? Even famously liberal Europe disagrees with your extremism!

2 thoughts on “A VERY Instructive Link

  1. Wow…for almost every country in Europe, the rules governing abortion are considerably more “draconian” than anything we attempted thus far here in the states…LOL We here in the states have obviously lost all perspective on this issue because it's such a big money-maker.


  2. http://hotair.com/archives/2013/07/06/news-outlets-reject-pro-life-ad-for-being-too-controversial/

    Just in case anyone missed it…this is the ad that's too devastatingly effective for liberal newspapers to publish.

    A simple picture showing what a fetus looks like at 20 weeks in the perspective of an adult human hand. It has a face, all of its' limbs, a beating heart, and a full pain response system. It can move, it sleeps and wakes, and it can sense its environment. That is what our pro-abortion lobby thinks we should be allowed to terminate.

    That…is disgusting.


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