Why Ann Althouse is a Hypocrite

Althouse is on the record as having no sympathy for men claiming that women have lied about their use of contraception and then gotten the men to pay child support for that lie for eighteen years.  I am inclined to agree with Ann that men shouldn’t be having sex if they’re not ready to be parents and in committed long term relationships.  But here is the correct response to Althouse’s cruelty toward men (which, IMHO, is the highest form of hypocrisy), penned in better language than I could have done myself:


I find that I agree with Ann about 1/3 of the time and the other 2/3 of the time, I find her a little too brutal and Randian for my taste.  In this case, however, she is just plain wrong.  She is suggesting that, because the genders are not equal in the responsibilities they have in the actual biological process of procreation, the law should be unequal and biased toward women.  You’ll pardon me if I find it hypocritical for a woman to make that assertion and then get offended when someone calls them the evil “s” word for wanting to have their free sex…not to mention get children entirely on their own terms and force unwilling men to pay for them.

Bite me, Ann.  Bite me.

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