Cross-post: Geek Social Fallacies Gone Wild

My co-author and I have both read the famous document The Five Geek Social Fallacies – in a nutshell, they explain why all geeks of a minimal geek magnitude have behavior patterns that most in the mainstream world would find unproductive or dangerous.

The five fallacies in bullet form:

  1. Rejection is Evil – Because most geeks spend their childhood being excluded from the cool crowd, they come to think that being isolated for any reason at all is the worst crime in the human arsenal.
  2. Friends Accept Everything About Me – If anyone dares to point out a character flaw, or disagree on an issue that is a core value for a geek, they must not be real friends!
  3. Friends Come Before EVERYTHING – Geeks tend to forge clingy, co-dependent, desperate friendships based on the principle that being rejected is the worst human crime and losing a friend is the worst form of being rejected…meaning that if you don’t put your friends above everything else, you are not a real friend because you’re rejecting their needs.
  4. Friendship is Transitive – To a geek, if you’re their friend…and someone else is their friend…that someone else should be your friend too!
  5. Friends Do Everything Together – To a geek, if you have a hobby that you do not wish to share with them, you can’t be a real friend.
I am bringing this up again because I believe it explains the behavior of the Science Fiction Writers of America.  A group that has become among the most fascistic, oppressive, groupthink-centered echo-chambers in the world.  I mean that literally.  They are HORRIBLE to people who do not toe the party line.  The only thing separating the SFWA from, say, a cult, is a compound in Montana.
See this spoof song:
But the reason that happens…they’re ALL geeks.  And geeks aren’t allowed to disagree with geek allies, because if there is a disagreement, it is a personal betrayal – a rejection – and, like a knife through the gut, it is intolerable and must be SILENCED.  I think this is why geeks are particularly vulnerable to the evils of utopian thinking.

3 thoughts on “Cross-post: Geek Social Fallacies Gone Wild

  1. You accidentally copied the wrong link for the spoof song. Was it this?

    But yes — the Geek Social Fallacies definitely drive the dysfunctional elements within fandom. I only wish we could find a solution, because really — it is not okay to take your damage out on people who don't deserve it.


  2. Indeed not. It's human nature, though, to react ot the world through your own value system…and that includes hard-learned values like that disagreement is scary and rejection is unbearably painful (because they get rejected too much). The only way to solve it, IMHO, is to combat bullying in school and teach our geeky children better priorities. I got bullied in school and it had the lasting impact of creating low self-esteem and a tendency toward defensiveness in socially stressful situations…but my parents were good enough at what they did to prevent me from hating the world for my lack of popularity…I managed to be reasonably well-adjusted. The lesson…if your kid's a geek…he/she needs a lot more attention and a strong, faith-driven belief system that trumps the social fallacies that give most geeks a false sense of security and confidence within their own milieu.

    The link I copied should have been the Monster Hunters blog post that had the youtube link within…

    But you found the correct youtube link.


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