To Spite GOP: The List of Things Leftists have Voted Against

As the shutdown showdown continues, I think it is instructive to put together a little list of the various things that democrats have refused to even discuss, or pass through the legislative process for no other reason besides sticking it to Republicans for their opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

Before the shutdown:

  • They voted down a continuing resolution that fully funded all of government except the small funding going to the administration of the ACA (the defund measure)
  • They voted down a continuing resolution that fully funded all of government but delayed implementation of the entire ACA by one year
  • They voted down a continuing resolution that fully funded all of government but delayed just the individual mandate (to give the exchanges time to work properly before forcing everyone to use them) and repealed, permanently, an unpopular medical device tax that many democrats have spoken out against since the passage of the ACA
  • They voted down one last effort to reach compromise – a move to create a joint congressional committee to draft a CR which would reflect some compromise between the houses as is prescribed in the legislative governing rules (so…they wouldn’t even TALK about it)
After the shutdown:
  • They voted against funding the Veterans Administration
  • They voted against funding DC Government services despite urgent pleas from the lone DC representative – a democrat
  • They rejected the funding of the National Parks (long a pet project of democrats and funding opposed by the GOP during lean financial times – offered anyway as a sign of good faith)
  • They shot down an attempt to fund the department of defense in full (relying instead on a minimalist appropriation for military personnel to get paid…and nothing more)
  • They refused to even bring a motion passed by the house to the floor of the senate that would have funded the National Institutes of Health fully.
  • When that failed, the house passed a bill simply to fund cancer research and Reid shot it down using procedural rules.
  • And then, with a tropical cyclone bearing down on New Orleans…they voted no to funding FEMA
  • EDIT TO ADD: In their latest quest to kick babies and punch women, the GOP passed a measure to fund the Special Supplemental Nutrition for Women program.  Dems refused it.  #LiberalWarOnWomen
While all of those wonderfully humanitarian democrats weren’t voting down measures to get government services to the people, they were barricading open air monuments that cost nothing to run and forcibly removing WWII veterans from the grounds of their own memorial, blocking park trail heads on privately run park lands that received federal aid, trapping hikers who had gone up trail prior to the shutdown, declaring that the GOP were nothing but anarchists, terrorists, and on a “jihad” against affordable health care (uttered by a representative from northern CA).
All while the exchanges have been mercilessly aped by phishers, identity thieves and security breeches and public demand for the exchanges continues to lag way behind expectations in part because democrats have done such a crappy job of explaining the exchange system and partly because the exchanges are more expensive than advertised and far from affordable unless you qualify for the full subsidies.
I don’t say the GOP was right about all of its objections to the law when it was first being discussed on Capital Hill…but there are a couple of reasons why there were inaccuracies in their complaints at the time of its passage:
  • They were afraid of the scope of the law and wanted to get negative messaging out (and went about it the wrong way)
  • NO ONE KNEW WHAT WAS IN THE DAMNED THING SO NO ONE WAS ARGUING ABOUT IT IN AN INFORMED WAY.  And that includes democrats too.  They made up a lot of fairy-tale crap that the GOP knew would be wrong along the way.
So much of this frustration would end if we just passed a readable bill amendment and required that our elected officials knew what they were voting on before they voted.  But that is neither here nor there.  Right now, Democrats are the party of no; the party of immaturity and inhumanity.  Democrats are the ones dragging this out, hoping to inflict pain on the GOP for daring to question whether their signature legislation was wise…or even whether it was ready to be deployed.  And Democrats are the ones on whose conscience should rest the dead children who could have been saved by NIH cancer treatments they refused to fund.
SHAME on them.  Their outrageous conduct has once again reminded me of why, though I do not identify as a republican, I certainly could never call myself one of them.