The Other McCain Removed from Our Blog Roll

Just a quick administrative note:

I have removed The Other McCain from our related sites list because his angry, insensitive style is not becoming of the conservative movement and does not represent this blog’s intent.  Either Mr. R.S. McCain and his friends are in desperate need of anger management classes…or their true (hateful) colors are showing more and more with the passing days.  Of late, their blog has been filled with all manner of homophobic, anti-humanist rants.  He seems dedicated to pointing out only the bad behavior related to noted homosexual rights activists who are caught doing unethical/illegal deeds, and frankly, it’s getting tiresome.  He’s not entirely wrong to point out that every group, even groups that would claim the moral high ground over conservatives that oppose their agenda, has bad apples.  He may even have a point that some claims by conservatives regarding the slippery slope involved in legalizing gay marriage which were roundly mocked and marginalized appear to be proving out as valid concerns.  But his tone is offensive and disgusting on many occasions, and I do not wish to continually see this same set of points hammered home to the detriment of the image of this blog and to the rights of law-abiding human beings who happen to be gay.

We here at RightFans believe that, although conservatives have a right to be concerned about the erosion of marriage that may occur should gay marriage be legalized nationally, they also have a responsibility to love their fellow gay citizens and treat them with dignity and respect.  We’ll never get anywhere in convincing the American people that the conservative movement is a loving and deeply humanitarian philosophy if we tolerate men like Robert Stacy McCain.

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