Feelings. Nothing More than Feelings.


This woman is paid to be a spokesperson for what MSNBC views as modern, intelligent, considered progressivism.

These are the folks who are happy to beat Republicans to death with scientific “consensus” on climate change or with charges of being anti-science for believing in intelligent design.  Whatever I personally believe regarding either topic (I’m a climate change moderate who would be viewed as a rabid anti-science zealot by the folks running the IPCC…and I think the intelligent design theory is overly simplistic – I prefer to ground my understanding of God in the science of our universe, which leads me inexorably to the conclusion that God MUST exist for a system that produced the breathtaking order, beauty, and physical possibilities of our universe to be possible)…I try not to go around asserting that someone who disagrees is anti-science.

But to Melissa Harris-Perry, the definition of life is…whenever the parents feel like it’s alive.

That is, by DEFINITION (and by her admission) anti-science.  But this brand of anti-science emotionally-driven rationalization is accepted – no, APPLAUDED! – on the left.

I’m sorry…this is not computing for me.  Can someone please explain to me why leftists get to be anti-science on issues like WHAT IS ALIVE! (no…caps and one exclamation mark aren’t gonna cut it this time…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but conservatives have no business going with THEIR feelings on other issues?

BTW, I’m not sure why Melissa Harris-Perry doesn’t realize how dangerous her position is, but let’s do this for her – maybe it’ll illuminate the problem – let’s consider a would-be mother who is a sociopath.  Sociopaths are, by psychological definition, incapable of empathizing with the feelings of others and thus do not form real emotional bonds with anyone.


Should a sociopath, never having FELT that powerful pull of parenthood, have the legal right to murder her children after birth?  What distinguishes that scenario from abortion brought on by the lack of an emotional tie to the offspring in the making?

I don’t think that knot in my stomach while I watched the above video clip was caused by some altered consciousness (a popular idea on the left that suggests that conservatives are living in a reality different than actual reality)…I think that’s entirely instinctual and driven by God.  Some would call me anti-science for holding that belief.  But at least I don’t go around saying that science is irrelevant in determining what is alive.



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