Five Alarm Fire

This would probably be best placed on our education blog, but I don’t have posting privileges over there (we know the score…my sister is an educator…I’m just a guy with an opinion…LOL)

DO NOT let your children use mobile devices.  At all.  Until they are at least 16.


Of course, I didn’t actually need a study in England to tell me that what I’m seeing of young people today is a bad thing.  I have been watching the changes even in college kids today…their attention spans are disappearing (and I thought I was bad!).

But evidently…it’s more than just attention, focus, and ambition that are disappearing behind a firewall of Facebook addiction and time-wasting games.

There has been a misguided move, lately, to use these things as educational devices in schools and at home…to park kids in front of these tablets and “teach” through games.  Parents cheer as their child learns the skills that they believe will be necessary in the new world order…like how to do Apple’s range of finger manipulations to get a response from an iPad.

But…at the same time, their kids are losing the ability to do the simplest things with real world objects.

This…is not good.

2 thoughts on “Five Alarm Fire

  1. I would like to see some rigorous scientific research confirming these observations, but yes — preschool-aged children DEFINITELY should not be parked in front of screens, and school-aged children should be using these technologies sparingly if at all.


  2. Thanks for bringing it up, though! You've inspired me to do some research for a future post on the education blog! (After I talk more about the Common Core standards for kindergarten.)


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