The Debate is Over! – Part II – Scandals? What Scandals?

Here, in the shortest bulleted list possible, is the leftist formula for handling a scandal.  As one of our conservative blogger friends recently pointed out, this is hardly a new formula – it kept Nicholas II in power for far too long even though he had the intellectual maturity of a dog and the cunning of a mosquito, and it allowed Stalin to maintain a positive image well into the 50s…well beyond the beginning of the gulags and the mass graves and the reallocations.

  • STEP 1: Scandal?  What are you talking about?
  • STEP 2: Well this is appalling!  I just heard about it reading the paper and am as shocked and angry as you!
  • STEP 3: How dare my opponents get mad about this – they have never liked me and are eager to play politics with this admittedly unfortunate error (see…he went from outraged to oh it’s an unfortunate error)
  • STEP 4: The real scandal is the politics of the right! (try to deflect anger to a scapegoat your supporters already don’t like)
  • STEP 5: **stonewall investigations for a year at least…refuse to discuss with reporters, who quickly lose interest when nothing new happens**
  • STEP 6: What?  Why are we even still talking about this…it’s old news and it wasn’t a big deal anyway! (minimize and give your supporters license to ignore the “error”)
  • STEP 7: Look…the debate about this is OVER…we won that argument…now you’re just talking sour grapes, you ingrate! (dismiss even TALKING about the scandal as radical)
  • STEP 8: Fire non-significant employee or two, perhaps, or send people away on administrative leave and reassign them.  Claim this has nothing to do with the scandal itself, but let the press scapegoat this person.
  • STEP 9: Scandal?  What are you talking about?  Never happened.  All those things that happened had nothing to do with us. (deny and start again)
Obama, in his time in office has had ELEVEN major scandals break…scandals larger than the one that felled Warren G. Harding.  Some larger than the one that felled Richard Nixon and Spiro T. Agnew.
The teapot dome scandal was about land use rights and cronyism in an era when liberals despised crony capitalists and conservatives despised crony unionism.  So it was a minor issue really…but a well-timed minor issue.
Watergate undermined the American electorate’s confidence in the election process at a time when democracy seemed under attack by the forces of extremism (high profile assassinations abound).  But Nixon killed no one and there’s no evidence that the information he gathered illegally changed anything of substance to the 1972 election or the policy discussions of the day.  It was more about what it said about Nixon as a person, I suspect.
But here…let’s bullet point the scandals of the Obama years:
  • IRS, under direction from top-level DC lawyers supervising their conduct, targets enemies of the President for unfair scrutiny and attempts to alter electoral outcomes.
  • NSA, under direction from fellow Democrats in the Senate Security Committee (albeit with bipartisan support), spies on every phone e, email account, and media outlet without oversight.
  • VA literally murders dozens, perhaps hundreds of elderly veterans (!) by forcing them to wait years for medical care they were owed for their service and then lies about the wait times to gain career advancement perks.
  • National Parks authorities use a government shutdown to close open air public spaces never before closed and are heard saying they believe their job is to make the shutdown “hurt as much as possible.”
  • Affordable Care Act – passed in a back-channel Senate vote that broke Senate rules of procedure while House Majority Leader says we need to read it to know what’s in there – debuts with a catastrophic failure of management.
  • Fast and Furious gun running program, under the direction of top-level Justice Department officials, gets a US serviceman killed and results in the deaths of hundreds of innocent Mexicans.
  • Obama publicly threatens on multiple occasions to use the executive order to circumvent the legislative authority of congress (and does so ten times more often than any previous U.S. President ever has, issuing 62 executive orders in 6 years compared to 8 from Bush Jr. and no more than 4 by any other President)
  • Justice Department spies on media figures in an attempt to force them to reveal undisclosed sources without a warrant or probably cause.
  • GSA caught squandering billions of dollars on parties, “conferences” and other luxuries.
  • Obama trades five of the worst war criminals held in Guantanamo Bay for a deserter and Taliban sympathizer and publicly states that he did this in the hopes that it would engender confidence in future negotiations between the U.S. and the Taliban (NOT the people actually ruling Afghanistan…the guys we put into power in the first place because the Taliban was so dangerous and corrupt)…and does this without the approval of the UN, the Afghan government, his own Cabinet or the Senate Security Committee.
  • FCC threatens news networks that it will audit their content for “fairness” and attempts to regulate the speed and price of the internet.
  • And of course…Obama’s senior State Dept. officials claim an obvious terrorist attack 9/11/12 in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four US Citizens…was a spontaneous demonstration gone bad in response to some little-viewewd YouTube video…and then covered up evidence that they knew this “misstatement of facts” to be a lie when the story was first concocted.
That this guy’s approval rating is 42% to 44% says more about his propaganda tactics and his handling of scandals (with media compliance, incredibly) than about any individual policy objective.
The danger of declaring that the debate is over…encapsulated by 6 years of constant scandal and lawbreaking by our most powerful official and his various appointed cronies.

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