Culture War Pimpage (for lack of a better word)

I just thought I’d pass along a bit of culture that won’t be appearing on the headlines of your local paper or on most radio stations in urban settings…

I give you: Madison Rising

They’re #29 on the Amazon sales leader-board for music CDs with their first album…they’re a metal/alt blend band with conservative (former military) roots with a right-leaning message that actually managed to please a few of the folks at the Occupy DC protests last week.

Seriously…read some of those lyrics and give them a trial listen on iTunes – harder style than I usually prefer, but I might make an exception for this. 🙂

Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

It’s been a few days, but I think I’ve finally recovered from my annual trip to the third largest gathering of geeks in the United States (i.e., Dragon*Con). Tomorrow, I plan to get right back into the swing of things on this side of the blog with some commentary on the last Republican debate. At the moment, though, I’d like to share a great clip that really puts our lives into perspective:

(Hat tip to John Ringo.)

Another Presidential Candidate Enters the Fray

As seen on Stacy McCain’s blog:

Cthulhu 2012
“Why settle for the lesser evil?”

Perhaps I’m easily amused, but this makes me laugh hysterically. Ia! Ia! Cthulhu F’thagn!


By the way, if you’re wondering why I have not resumed my “Vision for America” series, it’s because I’ve been extremely busy lately. I will post the next part as soon as I get a genuine free moment. Apologies for the wait!

Photo Album: National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception/Cherry Blossoms at Peak Bloom

I took a trip into DC today both to visit the National Shrine on a quiet day and to see the cherry blossoms. Some of my photos can be found after the jump!

A mosaic depicting Creation, Upper Church. You can’t see it in my shot, but on the blue edges, the artist included sugar, benzene, and DNA molecules: food, power, and life. Very cool.

Mary, Queen of Heaven, Upper Church.

Another mosaic behind the main altar of the Upper Church.

Cherry blossoms galore!