Planned Parenthood: Behind the Veil

Ever since Andrew Breitbart and his fellow acolytes at “Project Veritas” began destroying liberal talking points in defense of questionable agencies like ACORN and politically protected groups like teachers unions, many truth-seekers on the right have taken up their banner and begun attacking other cherished left-wing institutions.  Do yourself a favor – arm yourself in the fight for women by going here.  A group called LiveAction – admittedly with an agenda to bring down the Planned Parenthood Goliath – has begun infiltrating PP clinics around the nation and revealing some truly evil and horrifying practices within.  Among the footage shown:

  • Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses giving scientifically false information to women to de-emphasize the human connection between a mother and her child in-utero.  Claims of heart beat beginning at 7 weeks (not 3, which is the actual time), claims that the audible heart beat is not a beat but merely “tones” until the baby becomes viable at 5 months-plus, claims that 10-week babies have no arms or legs or heads or hearts, claims that abortion material is not simply discarded in the trash (it is!), repeated refusal to say the word baby in describing the pregnancy.
  • Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses complicit in human trafficking of children!
  • Planned Parenthood personnel deliberately stripping parents of their legal rights to information about potential abortion and helping young girls defeat statutory rape charges for the would-be fathers (often 30+ year old fathers).
  • Planned Parenthood ignoring signs of abuse that would require them to contact child protective services.
  • Planned Parenthood claiming in public that defunding PP would deny women access to normal female care (like mammograms and cervical exams) that they admit in private that they don’t offer and never have.
  • Former Planned Parenthood staffers claiming that the organization is a money-making enterprise seeking to ramp up abortion numbers at all costs.
  • There’s more…I’ve just started scratching the surface.
This is horrifying stuff, folks.  Please…pass these videos on to your nearest liberal and watch them make excuses and squirm in their seats.