Ann Coulter: Off the Reservation and Unworthy of Respect

With all due apologies to conservatives who love her quick wit when lampooning liberal icons…and with all due respect to the legitimate research work she HAS done in some of her previous literature, I’m sorry, but Coulter has well and truly finally lost my respect after this exchange:

Ann Coulter Calls John Kerry a Gigolo

The apparent “logic” behind this comment was the financial fact that John Kerry got most of his status and wealth from being married to a much more successful businesswoman.  Evidently, being married to someone who makes the cheddar makes you a prostitute.  By that logic, there are 20,000,000 homemakers who might vote republican who are whores.


I am now officially done with you, Ann.  Nice job blowing up your good name.

Oh Dear God – Tim Pawlenty a Favorite for VP?

I feel the need to repost this here…because I hate this pick…I hate it…so very…very much.  I hate it with every bone in my American body.

Give Us Ryan – Dear God No to Pawlenty


If we rejected Rubio because we’re worried about pissing off Donald Trump’s constituents…then we deserve to lose and return this country to the control of the worst president in US history.  That is just beyond stupid.

Bloomberg Off His Rocker – New Yorkers Organize

I mentioned in a previous post that NYC Mayor Bloomberg has lost his mind and decided to ban large sweet beverages in the five boroughs.  In the last week, he has not only doubled down on that ban (see e-mail text below), but he’s expanded his war on personal liberty to include the choice of whether to breast feed your baby or give them formula.  He’s ordering hospitals to hide the formula and decline to give it to those who ask for it unless they have a medical reason for not being able to breast feed.  And you folks thought I was KIDDING when I wondered what would be next on the banned choices list.  Heck…*I* partially thought I was kidding!

Here is the website of the Mayor’s office – contact him here and let him know what you think of his dictating our lives to us by fiat:

Bloomberg’s Contact Site

And here’s what’s being said by the citizens of New York in response to Bloomberg’s insanity:

Citizen’s for Beverage Choice

Now…enjoy Bloomberg’s poignant and well-thought-out (sarcasm meter explodes) response to this response:

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns about our plan to limit the size of sugary drinks at some food establishments.
Like the rest of America, our City is facing an obesity epidemic. Nearly 60% of adult New Yorkers and close to 40% of public school students are overweight or obese, putting them at greater risk of developing a host of diseases and conditions, including Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Obesity is now the second-leading cause, just after smoking, of preventable death in New York City.
Our success in cutting smoking deaths to record lows shows that we can tackle the toughest public health problems head-on—and make a huge difference—but only if we are willing to act boldly, and target the problem comprehensively. We are confronting the obesity epidemic on several fronts, including our most recent proposal to curb consumption of sugary beverages. We are also offering healthier options through programs that allow more New Yorkers to buy fresh and affordable produce.  In addition, an expanded public education campaign will build on the work we have already done to give New Yorkers more information—just as calorie counts in restaurants do—so they can make better choices about the food and drinks they and their families consume.
Although we may disagree on this issue, I appreciate your input as we work to reduce the number of preventable, obesity-related deaths throughout New York City. Thank you again for writing.
Michael R. Bloomberg

Special, ain’t it?  He makes ZERO attempt to actually answer citizen concerns over the overreach of his soda ban.  No attempt to defend against criticisms that his ban won’t even work.  No attempt to explain exactly what he feels he can accomplish with this.  Nada.  Just “LA LA LA LA I’M NOT LISTENING LA LA LA!!!”

You know what I especially love?  Being completely ignored.  Yep…that’s AWESOME.

Three-Second Thought of the Day

I would just like to propose the following two thoughts – just a little mind game for you all to puzzle over.

Who are the real racists here…the party that believes in a global free economy and thus doesn’t frown on outsourcing jobs where the market dictates?  Or the party that talks about Bain Capital’s record of outsourcing in this breathless shock and horror – those damn dirty brown and yellow people got our jobs! (please note – in case anyone wishes to call me a racist for using such phrases ironically…THIS IS CALLED SARCASM!)

Leftist populism would seem to have quite the strain of xenophobia and racism in it to me.

But what do I know?  I’m a racist by definition since I am conservative.

BTW…a second related thought…

Leftists always say things like “It’s a global market – acquiring new oil won’t help our economy for decades because it just goes to the global market!”  Yet these same people react as though we see no benefit at all when we send jobs overseas.  It doesn’t…oh…I don’t know…REDUCE THE COST OF THE STUFF WE BUY…or…KEEP AMERICAN-BORN COMPANIES HEALTHY AND HIRING HERE AT HOME TOO!…nope…because when it suits them to whip up racially-motivated nationalistic fear and paranoia about our jobs going overseas because heartlesss republicans want to let businesses get away with outsourcing…they’ll do that.  But when it serves them to argue that it’s a global community/global economy and we should be doing our part to improve the global economy (which outsourcing by definition does…LOL)…they’ll say that too,

Freedom…or no freedom.  You make the call.

Blog BUMP: You Go Bristol Pailn!

Do yourself a favor and check this gem out from Bristol’s blog…

Mind you, I am pretty reserved in my support of Sarah Palin as a political entity…but you really can’t beat this kind of grassroots campaign motto-generating conduit for the voice of the people.

I Built This, Mr. President!

Can you picture it now?  The blanketing of TV ads in October with Obama saying over and over again, “If you have a successful business, you didn’t get there on your own!” and then a handful from these testimonials showing us their thriving businesses and angrily proclaiming, “I Built This, Mr. President!”  Romney doesn’t even need to say much each time…just a little something like “I think small businesses are what drive this economy and propel our American dream.  Obama apparently believes you only deserve help if you are ‘too big to fail.’  We need someone in Washington who’ll get the government out of your way so that your small businesses can feel free to innovate and create jobs.”

This should be a brutal rout…we just need the right messaging at the right moment.

Feather Signs, Tanning Beds and Big Gulps, OH MY!

My girlfriend did me a bit of a favor last night.  She insisted on watching the local news (I hate television news and rarely force myself to watch it anymore)…but there were three ongoing stories from the NYC/Long Island region that fit beautifully into one bit of narrative.  New York is chasing California down the liberty sinkhole faster than you can say “Big Brother is Watching.”

It’s not happening in every township at the same speed, nor do any of these particular issues strike me as big deals in and of themselves.  But, little by little, they’re managing to make the legal books swell to levels last seen in top-heavy Rome under Nero.  We’ll go through the fun and joy one item at a time.


This is actually rather old news, but it’s back in the headlines due to civil protests and a lawsuit recently entered by Coca Cola’s not-insignificant legal team.  Mayor Bloomberg – evidently not busy enough at his job of growing business in NYC, improving a frequently filthy and unreliable subway system, preventing crime and dealing with poverty, union contracts, and all other manner of real city business – has decided to make war on obesity.  By decreeing that no city business may sell soda in sizes larger than 16 fl. oz.  Never mind that his ban doesn’t apply to fruit drinks like Ocean Spray, which have more calories than soda.  Never mind that it doesn’t address the far more important weight-problem-causing factors like lack of exercise (although his failing subway system does that quite nicely by forcing everyone to walk more), sedentary jobs, or those $5 mocha lattes brimming with sugar and fat.  Never mind that a customer can simply buy TWO 16-ounce drinks if he wants 32 ounces of soda.  The biggest question on even most liberal democrats’ minds in the city is…what will he ban next?


As of yesterday, it is now illegal for a teenager to get an artificial tan in the state of New York.  I share the common reaction to obsessive tanning going on among our teens – disgust.  They’re going to be leathery hags when they’re 50.  And many of them are going to get skin cancer, since chances are good that if they’re getting the fake tan, they’re not going to shy away from the beach and the lightest of SPF sunscreens, rather than getting the protection they need.  I have even been told that tanning beds are riskier than the sun because certain wavelengths of light are absent as compared to the sun and those are the ones that make your skin feel pain most acutely, meaning people are more likely to stay in there longer and get a worse dose of radiation.  But…how many potentially dangerous and even emotionally addictive things do we let kids do every…single…day?  And how many of those things will we ban (and at what cost to their development)?  I mean, sports can be addictive, kids even get severely injured on a regular basis playing them…and hey…a few even die on the field.  We let kids eat Big Macs…some people have claimed fast food addiction and I don’t see many towns banning McDonalds (and the ones that do have generally filled the same market demand with local restaurants just as unhealthy as the burger giants).  There is legitimate evidence that sugary food causes changes in your intestinal flora and fauna and can thus create a chemical addiction to more of the same sugars.  Shall we take away Frosted Flakes, birthday cakes and licorice snakes?


For an example of what a feather sign looks like, go here.

Several towns on Long Island, including the most recent addition of Hempstead (not a town known for its rustic charm or upscale appeal – sorry guys, but your town is a dump), have moved to ban feather signs with their politicians making outlandish claims including: the signs cause drivers to become distracted trying to read them, the signs are an eyesore – somehow more intrusive than billboards or store front banners or those crazy “wacky-waving inflatable arm-flailing tube-men” you see in front of car dealerships, the signs promote additional advertising that would not otherwise occur, etc.  If you went to the site, you know that these signs are among the least annoying, most attractive signs around – very shapely and elegant as advertisements go.  I fail to see how such signs are any more dangerous for drivers than those electronic boards they use to create traffic jams to warn drivers of an upcoming traffic jam.  And frankly…PERISH THE THOUGHT that people might use their first amendment right to speak to…um…advertise things!  Oh the horror!!  But alas, I believe in Federalism, and thus I believe that towns should have a right to decide how they will look.  I just wish the folks in Hempstead would focus on something that matters – like their rapidly rising crime rate or the crumbling section eight housing or their insanely high property taxes.

But these news stories – all hitting the Long Island evening report on the same day – have one thing in common.  Governments – state, city and township – trying to extract a better result, stave off the negative, and FIX people with a blizzard of new laws.  In the case of tanning beds, the government is playing the role of father to the legions of girls who are growing up either with parents who haven’t grown up and are just as selfish, shallow and vain as their teenage daughters or without those role models entirely.  The parents have dropped the ball and government thinks the answer is to try to be the parents.  In the case of Bloomberg’s soda ban, the people are making bad choices and the Mayor thinks it’s his job to make them stop.  And in the case of the feather signs, town councils have decided for everyone what they think is the appropriate level of advertising that should be allowed, replacing the first amendment with the heavy hand of the taste police.

Where does it end?  When do we decide that the only way to fix our problems is to take control of our own destinies and work for what we want?  When will we stop looking to the law to save us from our failings and start looking to God?  Or if you’re an atheist…to your own judgment (not that I think personal judgment is an adequate replacement).

Funny thing…my girlfriend fervently defended the tanning bed ban.  I gave her a twenty minute sermon on the slippery slope of ever-increasing government intervention and she went off mumbling her basic agreement with me that most of these kinds of things are over-reaches, but insisting that tanning beds shouldn’t be allowed for the young and impressionable.  Baby steps, I suppose.

Crushing Blow or Landslide Win?

I’m still desperately trying to fully understand their ruling, but an executive summary, as I’m reading the info on the Supreme Court’s ruling on the PPACA:

  • Congress has the power to enforce the individual mandate only if it is structured as a tax (not as a mandate with a penalty).  In other words, they can’t make you buy broccoli directly, but they can tax the crap out of you to pay for broccoli for everyone.  The only good news is that the commerce clause argument was struck down, meaning that Progressives have found some sort of limit on what they can argue falls within Congressional power to regulate interstate commerce.  If they want to do something like this again, they can’t try to argue that it isn’t a tax.
  • The medicaid expansion provision of the law, which includes penalties for states refusing to accept additional medicaid funds from the government, was ruled unconstitutional only in so much as the penalties for the states couldn’t be enforced.  Congress has to the power to be an ATM, but not a thief.  They can give states money, but states have a right to refuse it without penalty.
  • The rest of the law is upheld for now (as the court has not entertained every question).
Several problems with this:
ObamaCare was sold to the American people by Congress as NOT raising taxes.  For the millions of Americans who currently don’t have insurance by CHOICE (because they can’t afford it), they now have only the choice of being taxed or buying insurance.  This ruling is, essentially, the end of any attempts by Conservatives to stop the spread of Congressional power in any way other than voting in a very Republican House AND Senate AND President (the confluence of which will be rare, no matter how well our ideas actually work).  The amazing thing is that, although Verilli argued that the mandate could be viewed as a tax in court, the bill was passed by lying to the American people and claiming it was NOT a tax.  Of course, you won’t be taxed if you buy insurance, but how is there any moral or ethical distinction between holding a gun at someone’s head and saying, “buy this or I’ll blow you away!” and holding out the same gun and saying “you have a choice…you can do what I tell you, you can take the gun and blow YOURSELF away, or I can do it for you?”  I don’t see how taxing people for not doing what the government orders is any less evil than simply charging a fee.  Are we really saying that this is actually a constitutional provision simply because we’ve been calling it the wrong thing all along?  REALLY?
I also don’t see how that can’t be viewed as a huge win for Progressivism.  After all, if all Congress has to do is call something a fee that is ruled by the courts as a tax to get us to buy anything they want, what’s next?  Solar panel ‘mandates’?  Democrat party donation ‘mandates’?
The medicaid thing will help…because there are still 28 red states who will be eager to turn down medicaid funds just to make a point about the Federal Government’s attempted power grab, but on the whole, this decision is disastrous from a legal perspective.
This gives Romney two huge gifts in the Presidential election.  First, he can now say that the Dems were lying all along about this not raising your taxes by pointing out that there is now, on the books, a $4000 tax for every American family (less the ones whose employers happen to offer free insurance whose ranks will continue to drop as companies realize that they can’t afford rising premium costs) – they can either pay it by buying insurance or by writing a check to the IRS, but they’re paying it despite Congress telling them there was no tax.  And second, he can now spend the rest of the campaign standing next to an issue and smiling, as they say in “politico” school.  The American people don’t like ObamaCare…that isn’t going to change by November.  Especially if Romney hammers away at it every chance he gets, running on a platform starting with “I’ll repeal this monstrosity!”
I now look forward to Presidential debates…because this issue will be front and center and if Romney can pick Obama apart, it could be a hilariously lopsided election win for Conservatives.
The problem is…even if we win in 2012…we lose the war.  We can overturn laws and reap the rewards, but Progressives have no hard limits on their power to continue to push an agenda favoring gigantic government power and endless government intrusion.  If this Supreme Court won’t stop them…no one will.  I genuinely fear for the country today.

Northern Virginia SWATting

In case the readers here are unaware of the practice, a trend has emerged among certain members of the radical left, particularly apologists for and members of Islamofascist terror groups and far-left socialists – if they decide that you need to be silenced, they find out who you are, call your local police and claim that you have been spotted murdering someone.  This brings the cops to your house wielding very large guns – sometimes even a SWAT team in riot gear holding M4s and clubs to charge your property.  If they don’t manage to get you killed by police mistakenly believing that you’re wielding deadly weapons, they will certainly make you fear for your life and, they hope, think twice about speaking truth to power in the future.

Well, I think it’s important to pass along this story from my old stomping grounds in Northern Virginia.  A man by the name of Aaron Walker was SWATted by a man who tried to frame him for a crime (and failed). Prince William County police came to his home based on reports that he had just killed his wife, but thankfully, they smelled a hoax and didn’t have their really big guns drawn immediately.  The situation was quickly contained, but this trend should terrify us to our very souls.

Read about it here.  And send him some encouragement if you feel moved to support him.

Big Week for Supremes

Today, the Supreme Court issued rulings on some key cases in the Conservative Grist Mill – a split decision regarding Arizona’s controversial (but basically just, IMHO) immigration law and a unanimous ruling against Montana which re-confirmed the right of corporations to finance public election campaigns first codified by Citizen’s United (2010).

On the Arizona law, the Supremes ruled 5-3 against Arizona regarding its right to prosecute individuals or companies for hiring illegal aliens, to execute searches without a warrant if there is reasonable suspicion that a crime may have been committed warranting deportation (on this one I actually agree…sorry Arizona, this is the one part of your law that I think goes too far), and the state’s right to impose fines on aliens working but not carrying valid immigration documents.  It did, however, unanimously (minus the recused Justice Obama…er…Kagan) rule in favor of the state’s right to check the residency status of anyone suspected of being here illegally (the so-called “show your papers” clause), stating that Federal law already requires legal residents to have proof of citizenship if it is requested by law enforcement and that the state law simply makes it easier for police to enforce the existing Federal statues.

In Montana, meanwhile, an attempt by the state to claim that its politics are so corrupted by shady bribes and the like that it should be exempt from Citizen’s United was rejected (though, disturbingly, by party-line 5-4 vote).

Next up…ObamaCae.  A decision is expected Thursday.  We’ll report on it when we have the facts.