Giving Thanks

I sincerely hope the folks who are still protesting in the now sputtering OWS movement give this a bit of thought.

Today is Thanksgiving.  Whether you believe that this day commemorates the beginning of the brutal slaughter of the Native American population at the hands of evil white overlords or whether you believe it’s a moment of cooperation and friendship that was unfortunately not copied by later arrivals in what seemed to them to be an unavoidable conflict over resources, I urge you to think of this day as something positive that we made.  Regardless of the truth of the first Thanksgiving (which actually likely occurred earlier in the year and involved mostly fish and veggies, not turkey…LOL), we’ve turned it into an opportunity for something wonderful.  Now, it’s a day of reflection – a chance to give thanks for the good in your life.

Even the poorest among us here in the US have something to be thankful for if they look for it.

And even a graduate student who can’t be home with his family to enjoy the day can still be thankful that they supported him well enough to get him near to his Masters degree and were a great example of morality, compromise and the virtues of a healthy marriage that led him to the proper attitude toward women that makes it more likely that his relationship will succeed.  Let alone that he has a relationship worth working for or that he’s doing what he loves with his career.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone…from the most petulant children to the most indulgent politician.  Take a break from your troubles and be glad for what you have.