This video builds upon the theme of my last post, I think:

The businessman who works eighty hours a week because he wants to earn as much money as possible is no more greedy than is the public school teacher who fakes sick to agitate for “free” (or heavily subsidized) health insurance. Indeed, I would say that in many cases, the businessman is a much better person. If you work in business, you see, you often make money by producing things people want. Those so-called “robber barons,” for example? They made things like oil and automobiles much cheaper, thereby enabling the development of a consumer culture that improved living conditions for millions of people. The public school teacher, on the other hand, frequently doesn’t deliver a quality product at good prices (see also: the NAEP stats) — and yet she is demanding that Other People – i.e., the tax-payers – foot the bill for her medical care. The businessman depends upon voluntary exchange; no one forces you to buy Apple products or shop at Walmart. The public school teacher depends upon political coercion. So yeah — let’s not entertain this fantasy that teachers are somehow nobler than men like the late Steve Jobs.