Adults and Sex

I am now preparing, preemptively, to be called both a misogynist and a prude.  Both of which don’t bother me anymore, since I’m also getting older and have generally decided that I don’t give a rip what people THINK of me – only what I think of myself in the eyes of God and what my wife and family think of me.

But here goes:

Liberals are ridiculously immature about sex, and I’ve about had it listening to their whining.  I am now going to give them a stern, albeit brief, lecture.

Guys – sex?  You’re doing it wrong.  Completely wrong.  Stop doing it wrong before you make yourselves miserable and the rest of us with you since we have to listen to your crap.

Sex is a beautiful, miraculous thing.  Everyone should be having lots of it if it’s done in the way that makes it miraculous.  The world would be a better place if everyone was in the proper relationship context for sex at least once a day, if not more.  We should all be trying to have as much sex as possible.  With our spouses!  Yes, really, you liberal children, I’m going to go there.  For your own good.

The reason that Christians preach about the importance of waiting til marriage before you have sex are numerous, backed by strong statistical and scientific evidence, and completely ignored by the left.  A quick summary – do some research on these bullet points if you want the facts behind them, I frankly don’t have the time to hold your hands while you discover what an idiot you are about sex.

  • People in long-term, committed relationships do have less sex, but are considerably more satisfied with sex than others.
  • Sex, done right, is about trust and intimacy.  You clumsy fools with your hook-up culture and six-month “relationships” based on nothing more than immediate pleasure seeking have no idea how much more meaningful a sexual experience is when you are committed to that other person…when the sex act is an expression of your willingness to give love, to reach for God through your union.  There’s a reason young, single women are so dissatisfied with sex as a group these days.
  • Sex carries the awesome power of creation.  Not being open to this – blocking this power – robs the sex act of significance and makes it cheap and (pardon the phrase) anti-climactic.  One study found that women were less likely to have an orgasm during sex when their male partner wore a condom.  It is also well known that conception is more likely when the woman has an orgasm.  And that men dislike using condoms for a reason (and no, I’m not excusing the guy who knocks a girl up because he doesn’t want to lose feeling during sex and then doesn’t take responsibility – that would ALSO be doing it wrong.  I’m saying, guys and gals, that sex is not intimate and satisfying without a full bodily union.
  • If you’re going to run around breaking things and making a mess, it is reasonable for us to expect you to pay for the consequences.  Why is it “blocking access” to contraception to require you to pay for it yourself?  Are grocery stores “blocking access” to food?  Are car dealers “blocking access” to that new Fusion Hybrid because they cost money?  Stop being so damned spoiled, kids.  You want to screw around and “have fun” – you pay for the damned condoms and birth control pills.  They aren’t even that damned expensive.
  • And of course…for those of you who think that abortions should be on demand, no consequences, no questions asked…sorry, but science is clear that the zygote is alive from the moment of implantation at the very latest.  If you won’t be grown up enough to admit that abortion is killing a life, how do you expect us to have a dialogue.  Now it’s all about “whether the mother feels like she’s actually a mother.”  Boy…if we used that standard for murder in the adult world, things would get UGLY.  Do you FEEL like what you do was wrong, Mr. Dahmer?  Get real…grow up…and form your beliefs around what is patently obviously true, not what you want to be true to make yourselves feel better.  If you want to argue that abortion is killing a life, but it should be OK anyway because (insert arguments here)….that at least would be intellectually honest and mature.  You’d lose horribly and you know it…but at least I could look at you without wanting to build a rocket to Mars and start the human race over again.
The left is currently having a temper tantrum over Hobby Lobby…I’m old enough now not to be surprised by this.  But damn it kids, get off my lawn or shut up!  The facts are not on your side…and nor are the grown ups.  A NARAL exec, today, suggested that women should go have public sex in Hobby Lobby stores as a means of protesting.  I can’t even count the number of ways that this is misogynist and logically stupid.  But let’s list the top three.
  • I’m sure that women who work for Hobby Lobby have plenty of sex.  I’m sure that Hobby Lobby doesn’t care how much its employees have sex.  Nothing about the family’s position on the issue is denying access to sex.  You can live without the store paying for your morning-after pills and still screw around like a drunken sorority sister.  You’re protesting something that has nothing to do with having sex…by having sex??
  • Let’s put female sexuality on display so that men will respect us as equals?  Huh???  Yes…objectifying women is SO EMPOWERING.
  • How many arrests before that NARAL exec realizes that all this does is harden Hobby Lobby’s opinion about your position on this issue?  What message do you suppose it sends to Hobby Lobby?  That people on your side are rational, thinking folks with a reasonable opinion?  Or that you’re friggin’ INSANE?
I’m tired now…go your rooms.  And try not to have risky sex for a while.


If you want some confirmation on my claims above regarding Christian sexual teaching – stop reading that sick freak Kinsey and start reading Andrew Greeley.  Hit tip to John Konsecsni once again for the quick-hitter reference idea. 🙂

EDIT TO CORRECT a misuse of the term fetus.

Technically, it is a fetus the moment it implants…but a zygote before the implantation.  Both stages are considered “alive” scientifically…there is some disagreement as to whether cell division is advanced enough prior to implantation to say that the process has fully begun.

The Swooning Victorian Maidens of Feminism & the Abuse of PTSD

Of all the books I was assigned to read for school growing up, perhaps my favorite was To Kill a Mockingbird. My ninth grade honors English class was scheduled to read and analyze this novel a few chapters at a time over the course of several weeks — but I plowed through it in a matter of days. At the time, I strongly identified with Scout; even now, I think she is one of American literature’s finest portrayals of an Odd making her way through childhood. I also appreciated – and continue to appreciate – the classically liberal, Christian values that animate the story. Most people remember Atticus’ honorable choice to defend a black man in a criminal case even though, in the 1930’s segregated South, he was sure to lose because that’s what the Hollywood adaptation focuses on — but beyond that, the novel is about the dignity of the individual and the importance of recognizing the intrinsic humanity of all of our neighbors even if they are different, behave in unpleasant ways or hold to false views. Tom Robinson’s plight is only one part of the story.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a seminal work that, I feel, all American students should read. But if certain radical feminists have their way, teachers who intend to discuss this novel in their classes will have to slap the following warning on their syllabi:
Trigger Warning: Racism, Rape, and Violence Against Children.
Further, said teachers may also be forced to permit students to skip the assignment and the accompanying class discussions if they claim emotional distress.
You may think I’m kidding, but this is already happening on certain college campuses. At the University of California, Santa Barbara, students recently passed a resolution urging campus officials to make trigger warnings mandatory for all classes. Supporters of policies like this claim that such alerts will protect students suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from content that might activate disabling symptoms. But as experts have noted, PTSD doesn’t always work so logically. Sufferers can be triggered by stimuli that have no intrinsic connection to their trauma whatsoever — like, for example, a certain song on the radio, the smell of a certain cologne, or the sound of the shower running. Even the word “rape” poses no predictable danger; one survivor of sexual assault may react very negatively to a particular discussion of rape while another may have no reaction at all. Because each individual reacts to trauma differently, therefore, there can be no rational basis for issuing warnings. So what is likely to happen? Certain works – and certain topics – will gradually become verboten as professors scramble to accommodate every complaint, no matter how trivial and dishonest said complaints might be. After all, there will be no way to prove that a warning is or is not needed. We will only have the word of the people making the demands.
And yes — many claims of trauma are invalid. I seriously doubt there were that many ladies at Wellesley College who suffered debilitating flashbacks upon viewing a certain controversial sculpture of a nearly naked man. I think what really happened is that a number of women at the college were offended by the sculpture and found it convenient to abuse the concept of PTSD to demand its removal. Likewise, I don’t believe there are many students at Oberlin College who are so mentally fragile that reading Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart will send them into a hyperventilating panic. I do think many students might be angered or upset – Achebe’s novel does deal with racism, colonialism, and other difficult subjects – but these are healthy emotions, not a cause for informal censorship.
And even if you do have a legitimate disorder, demanding that sweeping regulations be passed to accommodate you is an ultimately Sisyphean endeavor. Because I was evidently born with a bizarrely wired brain, I have trouble filtering out certain sensations — and in some cases, this inability to filter causes psychological symptoms that do interfere with my daily functioning. But how crazy would it be if I demanded that Congress pass laws outlawing clothing tags, gum or noisy keyboards? No — it is my responsibility to remove myself from stimuli that trigger me, whether than means ripping out offending tags, going to a different room, or using headphones and a white noise app to block things out. And trust me, I know first hand that this is a difficult principle to live up to in real life. It is, however, more practical to control your own behavior than to attempt to control everyone and everything else
Overall, I think this trigger warning fad is another attempt at a feminist power grab. As I suggested above, the mental illness ploy is a delightfully effective way to manipulate people into accepting politically correct standards they wouldn’t accept otherwise because no one wants to be responsible for another’s mental breakdown. But we should challenge the PTSD facade and call the whole trigger warning concept out for what it is: another illiberal way to police speech and artistic expression.         

Planned Parenthood: Behind the Veil

Ever since Andrew Breitbart and his fellow acolytes at “Project Veritas” began destroying liberal talking points in defense of questionable agencies like ACORN and politically protected groups like teachers unions, many truth-seekers on the right have taken up their banner and begun attacking other cherished left-wing institutions.  Do yourself a favor – arm yourself in the fight for women by going here.  A group called LiveAction – admittedly with an agenda to bring down the Planned Parenthood Goliath – has begun infiltrating PP clinics around the nation and revealing some truly evil and horrifying practices within.  Among the footage shown:

  • Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses giving scientifically false information to women to de-emphasize the human connection between a mother and her child in-utero.  Claims of heart beat beginning at 7 weeks (not 3, which is the actual time), claims that the audible heart beat is not a beat but merely “tones” until the baby becomes viable at 5 months-plus, claims that 10-week babies have no arms or legs or heads or hearts, claims that abortion material is not simply discarded in the trash (it is!), repeated refusal to say the word baby in describing the pregnancy.
  • Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses complicit in human trafficking of children!
  • Planned Parenthood personnel deliberately stripping parents of their legal rights to information about potential abortion and helping young girls defeat statutory rape charges for the would-be fathers (often 30+ year old fathers).
  • Planned Parenthood ignoring signs of abuse that would require them to contact child protective services.
  • Planned Parenthood claiming in public that defunding PP would deny women access to normal female care (like mammograms and cervical exams) that they admit in private that they don’t offer and never have.
  • Former Planned Parenthood staffers claiming that the organization is a money-making enterprise seeking to ramp up abortion numbers at all costs.
  • There’s more…I’ve just started scratching the surface.
This is horrifying stuff, folks.  Please…pass these videos on to your nearest liberal and watch them make excuses and squirm in their seats.

DESPICABLE – S.E. Cupp Sexually Violated by Hustler

The image itself (Cupp engaged in giving oral sex), while fake and explicitly defined by the magazine as a fake, is bad enough.  Imagine if a shock jock like Howard Stern did this to someone on the left!  But the caption in Hustler under the image is utterly EVIL. (excerpted below)

S.E. Cupp is a lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school and ended up joining the dark side. Cupp, an author and media commentator who often shows up on Fox News programs, is undeniably cute. But her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp’s suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

The outright misogyny of the left knows no bounds at all.

Utterly outrageous.

Related to Previous – Elizabeth Warren’s "Race"

If we’re going to talk about the topic of institutional racism as fostered by left-wing identity politics and academics, we need look no further than Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.  Now running to replace Senator pro-tem Scott Brown on a platform of “MONEY IS EEEEEEVIL…except my money,” Ms. Warren spent decades claiming Native American status without registering with a tribe (according to her, based off of nothing more than family stories about life on a Cherokee reservation a hundred years ago) and at no point did her colleges even bother to try to confirm said heredity because they were in a mad desperate scramble to prove their racial sensitivity in hiring practices to meet quotas.

It turns out that Warren’s stories were true…sort of…her great…great…GREAT grandmother was Cherokee and her great great grandfather got married on a reservation.  That makes her 1/32nd Cherokee.  Which is evidently enough that Warren feels proud to claim Native heritage even though the Cherokee nation RENOUNCED her.  And no one seems to want to question this state of affairs in Massachusetts or in academia.  Not even moderate liberals.

Oh…and if you think I’m looking too hard for institutional racism as a way to shoot down affirmative action (you’re partially correct, but…), Warren’s reaction was to decry Brown’s question about her native heritage as “just another woman having her credentials questions by Scott Brown.”  Did you see it?  While falsely claiming victim status…she again claimed victim status.  If I’m not Native American enough for you…you can’t deny that I’m FEMALE…and we aren’t allowed to be judged anymore, especially not by men!

The identity politics will eventually cause the left to implode.  I’m certain of it.  You can’t go on splicing your core constituents into groups and putting people in boxes forever before the infighting and name-calling tears you apart.  I just hope they implode before the country does.  I’m dubious as to whether that happens.