Feelings. Nothing More than Feelings.


This woman is paid to be a spokesperson for what MSNBC views as modern, intelligent, considered progressivism.

These are the folks who are happy to beat Republicans to death with scientific “consensus” on climate change or with charges of being anti-science for believing in intelligent design.  Whatever I personally believe regarding either topic (I’m a climate change moderate who would be viewed as a rabid anti-science zealot by the folks running the IPCC…and I think the intelligent design theory is overly simplistic – I prefer to ground my understanding of God in the science of our universe, which leads me inexorably to the conclusion that God MUST exist for a system that produced the breathtaking order, beauty, and physical possibilities of our universe to be possible)…I try not to go around asserting that someone who disagrees is anti-science.

But to Melissa Harris-Perry, the definition of life is…whenever the parents feel like it’s alive.

That is, by DEFINITION (and by her admission) anti-science.  But this brand of anti-science emotionally-driven rationalization is accepted – no, APPLAUDED! – on the left.

I’m sorry…this is not computing for me.  Can someone please explain to me why leftists get to be anti-science on issues like WHAT IS ALIVE! (no…caps and one exclamation mark aren’t gonna cut it this time…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but conservatives have no business going with THEIR feelings on other issues?

BTW, I’m not sure why Melissa Harris-Perry doesn’t realize how dangerous her position is, but let’s do this for her – maybe it’ll illuminate the problem – let’s consider a would-be mother who is a sociopath.  Sociopaths are, by psychological definition, incapable of empathizing with the feelings of others and thus do not form real emotional bonds with anyone.


Should a sociopath, never having FELT that powerful pull of parenthood, have the legal right to murder her children after birth?  What distinguishes that scenario from abortion brought on by the lack of an emotional tie to the offspring in the making?

I don’t think that knot in my stomach while I watched the above video clip was caused by some altered consciousness (a popular idea on the left that suggests that conservatives are living in a reality different than actual reality)…I think that’s entirely instinctual and driven by God.  Some would call me anti-science for holding that belief.  But at least I don’t go around saying that science is irrelevant in determining what is alive.



A VERY Instructive Link

Abortion Rules in Europe

I am genuinely impressed to see that Europeans, in many cases, have embraced such common-sense pro-life measures as:

  • Limiting the availability of abortion after the first trimester except in extreme cases — and in those extreme cases, requiring the approval of qualified medical professionals.
  • Requiring that abortions be performed in medical centers that meet strict standards.
  • Requiring waiting periods, counseling, and education regarding alternatives.
  • Requiring parental consent when the patient is under-aged.

My question then becomes: What the heck is wrong with the Wendy Davises of the world? Even famously liberal Europe disagrees with your extremism!

Drive-By: Standing with Objective Evil

Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? The “Hoes Before Embryos” crowd rallying around supposed “feminist hero” Wendy Davis are standing with objective evil — and they’re scientifically illiterate to boot. The law the Texas legislature is attempting to pass is not talking about embryos — it’s talking about later term fetuses who are mere weeks from the limit of viability (which, FYI, is currently hovering around 24 weeks gestation). It’s talking about fetuses who, as revealed by any modern ultrasound, are obviously distinct human beings — not “parasitical clumps of cells.”

I can imagine why someone would support legal abortion in the first trimester, when the unborn child’s humanity is not quite so evident. I disagree with that position both scientifically and philosophically, but I can understand the fears that would drive someone to it. Fighting for late-term abortion, however, is just sick. Such a view is waaaaay outside the mainstream of American opinion and should be recognized as such.

Cuomo Tips Their Hand

Anyone who thinks that the far left is ardently pro-birth-control, pro-abortion because they want women to be HEALTHIER…I present to you Andrew Cuomo and his latest proposed legislation on abortion and contraception entitled (laughably) the Reproductive Healthcare Act of NY.

The RHA would, among other things:

  • allow women to have even the riskiest of late-term abortions, right up until the 9th month of pregnancy, including partial birth abortion
  • Allow non-doctors to give abortion services
  • make it legal for teenagers to get an abortion without parental consent
  • require NY State medicaid to cover the cost of abortions and contraception done in NY
  • include language guaranteeing”contraceptive rights” regardless of what the Federal Govt. decides
  • require NY State health insurers to charge a reproductive health fee to all customers, included in their premiums without notification
  • license Planned Parenthood of NY with the authority to decide what constitutes “informed consent” regarding abortion services, rather than using the standard defined by the AMA.

YYYYYYEP!  That sounds like a package of great ideas to insure that female reproductive health is well taken care of in NY.  Create a state-run, taxpayer subsidized, insurance-premium-bloating abortion mill for all manner of invasive, risky and unethical abortions…make sure that lots of teens are having abortions without telling their folks, and oh BTW, have this system administered by a bunch of people who aren’t even MDs, up to and including who decides how much a patient should be told about any given procedure.

That is the real agenda of the left…abortions on demand with the goal of sterilizing, murdering or preventing the births of at-risk people (especially minorities and the disadvantaged in large urban areas).  You’re a fool if you honestly believe otherwise.

Never Have I Felt Such Pure Disgust

Have you heard? The Obama campaign is now offering a line of oh-so-trendy e-cards bearing messages such as the following:

Excuse me while I barf up a couple feet of intestine.

First of all, where do they get the $18,000 figure? The only way that could possibly be valid is if we assume that: 1) most women are completely without prescription coverage when it comes to their birth control; 2) most women, out of medical necessity, must use the newer, more expensive forms of contraception. Both premises are patently ridiculous.

Secondly, even if it were true that most women rack up a lifetime cost of $18,000 for their birth control, that’s actually not as crippling as it seems, and I’ll show you why: I have to pay about $30 a month right now for the medication I take for my rheumatoid arthritis. That doesn’t look too bad, does it? But as it turns out, that totals up to a lifetime cost of over $20,000! Oh my God! Why isn’t anyone rescuing me?

Here’s the bottom line: If we accept the Fluke/Planned Parenthood statistics, women pay $1000 a year for their birth control. That works out to about $83 per month, or about $3 per day. How much do you pay per month for your cable and internet? How much do you pay per month for your phone’s talk/text/data plan? How much do you pay per month for coffee or lunches out? And why the hell is the left so allergic to budgeting and setting priorities?

Thirdly, if $83 per month really isn’t within your reach financially, I think it is far better, morally, to ask your mom for assistance than it is to ask Joe American, Generic Health Insurance Customer. I know, I know — sometimes it sucks to be dependent on your parents. On this, I speak from personal experience. But in a rightly ordered society, aid should come from the family and the local community first and foremost. Why? Because the people in your family and your community actually know you, can tailor their charity to your individual needs, and are less likely to begrudge the money they spend on your behalf. I, on the other hand, deeply resent that I must bankroll strangers’ sex lives with my insurance premiums, especially since I make a yearly salary that falls well below the national median and must purchase my health insurance coverage myself.

Fourth – and lastly – we women are not giant ovaries with arms and legs, and it fills me with a white-hot burning rage whenever Obama and his surrogates treat us as if we are. You know what worries me? My severe rheumatoid arthritis, number one. My anxiety and depression, number two. And let’s not forget the crown and the wisdom tooth extraction I will have to pay for in the next few months! My reproductive system does show up on my list of health concerns, but it’s ranked near the bottom. Yet Obama expects me to jump for joy at the thought of having access to “free” contraception? Kiss my ass, Mr. President. Giving a girl the birth control pill is not genuine, holistic women’s health care.

The Fortnight for (Religious) Freedom

Catholics, take note: The USCCB is launching a Fortnight for Freedom tomorrow night to pray for the restoration of our religious liberty. Click here to find out where and when Holy Hours and other activities will be held in your diocese, and click here for prayer cards and other resources.

I usually attend the Conservative Soiree at Bull Run Regional Park come the 4th of July, but this year, I will spend the 4th at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for the Fortnight’s closing mass. I’ll be sure to post a short report after the event!

DESPICABLE – S.E. Cupp Sexually Violated by Hustler


The image itself (Cupp engaged in giving oral sex), while fake and explicitly defined by the magazine as a fake, is bad enough.  Imagine if a shock jock like Howard Stern did this to someone on the left!  But the caption in Hustler under the image is utterly EVIL. (excerpted below)

S.E. Cupp is a lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school and ended up joining the dark side. Cupp, an author and media commentator who often shows up on Fox News programs, is undeniably cute. But her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp’s suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

The outright misogyny of the left knows no bounds at all.

Utterly outrageous.

Wow. Just Wow. Obama’s Abortion Motive Revealed.

Do yourselves a favor and read this article.  The mainstream media won’t cover it because it’s not useful to their bid to elect Obama for another term, but here it is:

The Little Known Abortion Mandate

In short, the second, lesser-known mandate from Kathleen Sebelius requires that all insurance companies which provide elective abortion coverage set aside an abortion allocation fund and then charge their recipients at least one dollar per month specifically for that fund, which will be paid to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to cover abortion costs.  And on top of that, the mandate literally precludes insurers from telling would-be purchasers that their plan will include the abortion fee.

Obama sees that the states are crippling his efforts to keep publicly funded abortion clinics open in GOP controlled territory and has decided to trick millions of Americans who might have a religious objection to abortion into paying private dollars to fund Planned Parenthood as required by Queen Sebelius and any in her royal lineage that follow as HHS bureaucrat-dictator.

I have only one thing to say about this.