So — Last Night Was Pretty Exciting

Why? Well, just before midnight, a severe thunderstorm roared through eastern Prince William County, bringing with it quarter-sized hail and near-continuous cloud-to-ground lightning. SABR Matt can certainly correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Woodbridge (VA) has ever seen quarter-sized hail before. It sure made a tremendous racket!

One thought on “So — Last Night Was Pretty Exciting

  1. Well I'm fairly confident that the Woodbridge general area has gotten hail before…even larger hail than that…the SPC has severe reports in the general vicinity of Woodbridge in excess of 2 inch diameter hail…but it's hard to pin down exactly where those kinds of reports were made to the street level.

    I do know that our house in Woodbridge has never experienced such large hail since it was built (and we moved in)…so it is a rare event to be sure.

    We had a hell of a squall line move through Long Island as well yesterday…dumped over an inch of rain in 15 minutes and turned every hilly road into a river. Frequent (almost continuous) cloud to ground lightning and 40 mph wind gusts. Not quite severe, but quite a big event by Long Island standards.


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