Quoth Barack: I’m the Greatest!

In the “you can’t make this stuff up” department…Barack Obama – the man whose job it is to build political capital for his party, to curry favor with foreign nations, build America into a great power, protect all of its people from government excess and enhance our quality of life through a cooperative effort with the legislative branch, with his agencies, and with his cabinet – had this to say about his hand-chosen campaign appointees:

“I could do any job better than the people I hire to do them.”

Yes.  Really.

I think that is the best explanation of the state of mind of Barack Obama that I’ve ever seen.  Out of the mouth of the man himself.  He knows more than the rest of us…even his closest friends.  If we don’t get on the bandwagon, we’re turning away the best man for the job.


Paul Ryan – Catholic Conservative Extraordinaire

Do yourselves a favor and read this speech he gave to Georgetown University at their annual Whittington Lecture on Catholic Social Doctrine


 It’s…AWESOME!  Ryan just DESTROYS far-left Catholics’ arrogant belief that they own the moral high ground.

Economics Profs DO Matter

I had a marvelous conversation with a friend of mine who, at one point, would frequently identify herself as a theoretical communist (saying it worked in theory, just not in practice) and a practical socialist.  Now you might be asking yourself, “self…why would such an economically conservative fellow be chatting about economics with someone who described herself as such?”  And the answer is that I think people are ignorant not entirely because they don’t care or are intellectually lazy, but also because they don’t talk to people who think differently than they do very often.  I’ve had a measurable influence on some of my more liberal friends and I will continue to try to have that influence in as civil and yet thorough a manner as my life allows.

But I digress.  The real reason for writing this piece is not to talk about MY influence, but the influence of a good professor.  This friend of mine has gone back to school of late to try to get a four-year degree and improve her earning power.  One of the requirements she needed to fill out was a social science credit and she chose to take economics.  Her professor was engaging, very up to speed on current LOCAL economic news, and an economic conservative.  Within a month, he’d managed to convince my friend that the Chinese model doesn’t work, that rent control is a stupid idea that only ends up hurting the people it’s trying to help, and that the healthcare, housing and energy markets were distorted by government manipulations and each such distortion had produced a negative affect for middle-income New Yorkers, using Long Island small business deterioration (re: Obamacare), the housing crisis on Long Island as relative to property taxation (re: housing markets) and gas taxes (re: energy markets) to make his points accessible to local students.  In that month, this friend of mine moved from describing herself as neo-socialist to declaring herself a LIBERTARIAN!

This kind of transformation doesn’t happen so rapidly all that often.  She didn’t believe me when I said that her core beliefs sounded libertarian to me some six months ago, but the framework was there (she believed in American economic independence, was hard on illegal immigration, detested government interference in small business growth etc. all along…she just didn’t realize she was on the wrong side).  But a good professor teaching with passion and making his beliefs accessible to his students can and does open the eyes of his students to what they actually believe.

I would argue that most Americans are, at core, conservative.  We believe in the superiority of our type of Constitution government.  We believe in the power of liberty and free expression.  We believe in technological creativity and human genius and in the vast capacity of our businessmen and inventors to make the world a better place.  We are all looking for the kind of meaningful relationships that conservatives know come from something deeper than sex and civil union.  We just need people to make the right connections and realize that they’re on the wrong side…realize that the rhetoric of the left is leading them to believe better things about their party’s leaders than they should…realize that what they need is to be left alone to thrive and not to be coddled.  The left prospers only so long as conservatives continue to accept the notion that progressivism isn’t evil (even as progressives themselves may not be) and continue to hold their tongues in polite company for fear of confrontation rather than speak out and force people to hear something other than what the media tells them.  One good economics professor changed someone’s political identity just by being passionate about his beliefs and helping her to see her own.  And he’s probably done this for countless of his students.  I just got to witness the results in this one case.  And I find such things refreshing.

Pelosi on First Amendment: Who Needs It!?

You literally cannot make this stuff up.  The democrats in Congress – the number one champion of the citizen’s right to protest and say whatever hate filled thing he wants (as long as it agrees with their sensibility. 🙂 )…now wish to eliminate the first amendment to the Constitution.  They’ll replace it instead with the “People’s Rights Amendment” (I also typed People’s Republic of America…the overlap was hard to ignore).  This new amendment will rewrite the first amendment such that its protections only apply to individuals engaged in individual activities.

This comes on the heals of the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizen’s United case – in which the Court found that corporations had access to the same rights as their individual owners under the law, citing common law precedents going back to the dawn of the Republic.  Enraged democrats in Washington evidently now believe that the only way to extract the hand of big business from campaigns, from political discourse, and from Constitutional protections against property seizure and other nuisances that get in the way of Congress taking total control of the marketplace and the political sphere…is to change the Constitution.

Now ordinarily, I’d be thrilled.  The left is embracing Constitutional law?  Acting on the system from within and in a lawful manner in order to get what they want, rather than playing with rules of procedure, making shadow appointments and setting up unelected bureaucracies to do their bidding?  I would call that a huge win for the Conservative movement if the mockery they weren’t making a mockery of the spirit of the Constitution in their latest efforts to reform it to their liking.  But…we can put that aside for a moment.  I have some questions for Democrats.

1) If groups of people assembling and organizing no longer enjoy Constitutional protections guaranteed by the first amendment, what happens when a conservative government chooses to outlaw the holding of budgets by any labor union?  The original legalization of labor unions was based on first amendment protections and subsequent rulings in the Supreme Court that defended the unions’ rights to donate to political campaigns at their own discretion were based on the first amendment, among others.

2) If corporations have no first amendment rights, shouldn’t we then be able to enact legislation making it illegal to, say, advocate for planned parenthood?  Each state has a Planned Parenthood wing operating as a non-profit corporation (yes…the non-profits count as a group operation and would be removed from Constitutional protections by the new amendment).  They enjoy government rights to advocate for their organization at political rallies, on the airwaves, and in our schools.  What happens to that when a conservative government decides that such speech is unlawful?

3) What about religious affiliations?  We would retain our right to be Catholic or Buddhist in our own homes, but…what the Catholic Church have the right to speak to the political issues of the day en mase?  Could the government choose to make it illegal for Catholics to organize into faith-based charities and colleges?  And yes, Nancy…there are plenty of liberals who still enjoy their religious freedoms.  Just because you don’t personally believe, doesn’t mean your constituents would enjoy such changes.

4) What about all of the extremely powerful liberal PACs and lobbying organizations that have gotten immeasurable “progressive” gains inside the beltway out of the most conservative of our elected officials?  Everything from carbon emission standards in cars to expanded powers granted to the IRS to regulatory reform of mortgage banking came to us in large part due to lobbying and political organization from the minds of unelected philosophers and bureaucrats who would lose their right to first amendment protection after your new amendment took hold.

People are collective in their thinking.  Always have been…always will be.  Most of the things we do in life are not individual – they require cooperation and the pooling of resources.  Apple was largely driven by Steve Jobs before his untimely death.  Rest assured that, although thousands of people had stake in the company, it reflected Jobs’ vision.  Taking the rights of an individual away from a corporation is the same thing is taking those rights away from its CEO.  But you won’t see it that way.  At least you might see my point that all of the other institutions that you actually respect are collective in nature too.

Lord, Congressional Democrats are idiots.

General Election Polls

Here something that shouldn’t shock anyone unless they’re a cloistered academic:

Romney is now beating Obama in the general election polls done by Rasmussen, FOX News and Quinnepac in the last few days after a solid week of Obama trending 6 points up.  The difference?  Santorum’s annoyed supporters who were voting no-call or even for Obama to make a point when asked about Romney are now muttering “oh well…Romney, I guess.”  Analysts should have seen this coming, but all the talk was about how the GOP candidates were shooting each other in a circular firing squad and how Obama was gaining on the GOP in the polls as a result.

Based on what has happened since Romney became the presumptive nominee, I don’t think that’s accurate.  I think conservatives will vote conservatively, liberals will vote liberally, and the remaining 40% of the country will vote for the candidate that least frequently makes an ass of himself in the last few months…and none of the polls really matter until then.

Hey Ms. Rosen – Neither Has the POTUS

Hilary Rosen has famously (now) stated that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life – as though being a mother of five and a homemaker disqualifies her from being able to intelligently speak about women’s issues in the modern world.  Cause…you know…they represent the needs of ALL WOMEN over there in Feminist Command & Control…all except homemakers.

But that’s a small hypocrisy compared to the BIG hypocrisy of the left on this issue.  They elected a man to the presidency who, himself, had never worked a day in his life prior to winning the most important job in the world.  No, community organizing is not work.  No, reviewing, but never publishing in, the Harvard Law Review is not work.  No, inventing academic BS about critical race theory and studying the Constitution to find out just why you hate it so much is not work either.  Obama has never had to balance a checkbook, never had to make tough decisions, never had to live in the real America – he’s a cloistered academic and a well-connected political radical.  But when he does it, it’s OK.  It’s just not OK to be a mother of five and a homemaker.

This is the spin on the story at the National Review Online: Hilary Rosen: Well Connected Obama Insider

But never mind that…we have a fabricated message to sell that only working women have a right to speak about healthcare and contraception. Nothing to see here…show’s over.